Internet Journalism

A discussion on whether the internet be held responsible for the falling standards in conventional journalism.

This write an essay my school paper examines how the internet is the new and the quickest growing media and looks at the changing face of the on-line news industry. It discusses how internet sites do not undergo tough editorial and legal scrutiny which print journalism are conventionally subjected to and analyzes if this is potentially damaging to standards of conventional journalism.

In presenting news in the layout of a newspaper, supplementing it with multimedia features might be the greatest strengths of web-based journalism. Apart from the printed story in the newspaper, the text may be come together with a video or a collection of online photographs presented through a slideshow. The Internet gives more opportunities and discovery of novel ways of presenting news. It is a totally distinct environment involving varied approaches. Anything, which goes on fine in traditional media, might not show the same results in the new media. The Internet provides news and at the same time information also. The medium is also that of storage through archiving.