Foreign Investment in China

This paper presents several different arguments in support of American investment in China.

This paper discusses the risks and benefits that are associated with foreign investment. The author uses China as an example essays free to illustrate how foreign investment, particularly American, would affect both the financial and political make-up of the country. The author makes several arguments in favor of this type of investment including the size of the Chinese market and the fact that, since the early 1990s, the Chinese government has been making a concerted effort to lure foreign investors to the country. The paper concludes with a discussion of the areas where China can still improve its practices, in order to become more attractive to the foreign investor.

Among these changes are a greater adherence on the part of Chinese companies (and more vigilance on the part of the Chinese government) to international copyright laws and international labor standards (such as the exclusion of prison labor). Secondly, the Chinese government must make a greater commitment to at least close to full currency convertibility, an issue that has become stalled several times over the past years as the government has refused to devalue the Yuan. Full currency convertibility may not be necessary (and has certainly not yet been essay writer reviews achieved), but the Chinese government must make a clear decision as to what extent it intends to make its currency convertible and then act on that decision.